Sunday, 25 October 2009

our nature table

this is our new autumn nature table we have just set up. For past seasons the nature table has been situated on top of a low bookcase, but I came to realise it was too inaccessible, especially for little Adrien and this, I thought, defeated the object of it. This way requires a little more work to maintain but we are all very happy with it.

I am a little late compared to most of you out there, but I just purchased my copy of A Year of Mornings. Apart from it being a beautiful and wonderful book, it has really got me thinking about whether we are morning, evening or night people. I am most definitely an evening person, which after some serious reflection, quite comfortably coincides with my love of autumn/winter. For me they both represent a letting go of pressures, demands and expectations. A sense of cosying down under soft candlelight, cuddling under warm quilts and blankets, enjoying warm tea, soups and delicious pies and surrounded by my books, knitting, sewing or music. Everything is calm, warm, serene. Nothing needs to be achieved except relaxation and peace.


likeschocolate said...

Very nice! Hope you have a great week!

victoria said...

I am longing to start our nature table here too but I have just never come round to it. And Matias has a tendency to pick everything up and investigate it so I dont think our table would last that long. Maybe next year!