Saturday, 21 November 2009

some seasonal books to share

A trip to the library this week surprised us with some wonderful new Christmas books, just to get us in the mood for the forthcoming festivities:

Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett :: we have read a couple of other books of hers but I had never heard of this one before. A favourite of Adrien's now, I think he particularly loved the naughty Trolls.

Kingfisher Christmas Book :: A selection of Christmas stories, poems and carols for the twelve days of Christmas. Includes classics such as The Nutcracker (one of my favourites) and The Little Fir Tree, as well as traditional stories from Scandinavia and Russia.

The Magic Sleigh by Cynthia & Brian Paterson :: Part of the Foxwood Tales. An enchanting story of woodland animals discovering Father Christmas's magic sleigh that whisks them off to his castle. Beautiful illustrations together with such a sweet tale just makes you want to jump into the book with them.

Lucy & Tom's Christmas by Shirley Hughes :: I am a big Shirley Hughes fan. I adore her nostalgic stories & illustrations that seem to represent the perfect childhood. Was not disappointed with this book.

This book, A Day on Skates by Hilda Van Stockum, I have purchased as a gift for Alex for Christmas but I couldn't resist showing a sneaky peek inside the book. Bear in mind I have not read the story yet to myself or the children so the verdict on that is still out until after Christmas, but just look at the illustrations-

I have managed to get another sewing project finished. A little tote bag with embroidered hedgehogs and toadstool on linen fabric. Lining is re purposed polka dot cotton fabric. One less Christmas gift to worry about.

Talking of handmade gifts, I am so eager to pick up my knitting needles I need to find some ideas for knitted gifts to make. Any ideas?


likeschocolate said...

I should take back up needle point. I love those little hedgehogs.

Francesca said...

You're right, those illustrations are really magic, and I'm sure Alex will like the book!

Daniela said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful books!! :-)
hugs from Italy (I live near Torino)

Skylar said...

Wow! There's going to be some happy boys on Christmas morning! :)

victoria said...

How is your knitting going Samantha? Did you start your tea leaves? Victoria

John Tepper Marlin said...

Well, did Alex like "A Day on Skates"? I've been waiting to find out and now it's February 8 already.