Sunday, 7 June 2009


We have had heavy rain this morning, so much so that the back yard got quite a bit flooded, and I got a little worried at one point. We have lived in this house for less than a year, so I was not sure how it would cope in heavy rains; this area has been affected by flash flooding in past years and I know of a couple of families that homes were ruined in those floods.

The caterpillars have all now formed into chrysalides and have been safely transported from the feeding cup into the hatching habitat. I have pinned the paper disc, in which they have attached themselves to, to the mesh of the net, vertically about 4cm from the bottom. This is the first time I have actually seen a chrysalis up close and personal and I am amazed.

Despite the fact that I have countless unfinished projects in limbo, I have started a new project today, a quilt for my little boy. Am I crazy or what? Adrien doesn't have his own bed yet, he still sleeps in my bed with me, and to be honest it is mostly me who is delaying this next milestone, but he is now asking to have a bed of his own. Although when he actually realises he will have to sleep in it on his own, all night, he may not be quite so enthusiastic. So the idea is that I will make him his own quilt ready for his new bed, whenever that may be. This is the first block made up of mainly re-purposed fabrics that I already have. I am trying to go for a natural, woody, nature feel. What do you think, honestly? Does it work? My husband remarked, "what were you thinking?" when I showed it to him, but what does he know, ha ha. I thought it worked pretty well. It would have been nice to go out and select specific co-ordinating fabrics, but I really cannot afford that right now. I also like the idea of using the resources that I already have.

Well, the rain has stopped, the sun has shown its face, and I think it is now time to tidy-up and make some lunch.


Francesca said...

I think a quilt especially made by mommy will be a welcoming thing to have when he realizes what his own bed entails! I totally agree with using the fabrics you already have: that's how quits came about in the first place! I like the yellow and beige tones, but I think the blue gingham is perhaps too dominant (but I'm generally not too crazy about gingham or stripe patterns per se ...)

Monkey's Momma said...

Samantha, I don't know if you saw it or not, but Monkey grew some butterflies in a Butterfly House just like that, and we did a short video and posted it a while back on the blog. He had so much fun with it (so did I).

Victoria said...

We sleep together with our boy too, and as you say, I can't get myself to change this right now! It is just so cosy to wake up with him each morning. But if the time has come for Adrien to have his own bed, I think a quilt is a fantastic idea to get him to like his bed! I like the colors you have chosen. I actually like the blue squares since they go together with the blue butterfly and the blue details from the flower squares. I like the "vintage" feeling of the quilt colors :)

Victoria said...

Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing your butterflies!! Its such a cool project!

Anonymous said...