Monday, 27 July 2009

new member of the family

We are welcoming a new member of our family today. Rhino the hamster, our first proper family pet. Alex has been begging us for a pet for some time now, so we thought a hamster was a good way to start. He is sleeping under the shredded paper at the moment, but when he is more settled and calmed down from his move I will introduce him.

Alex had received a special award from school at the end of year assembly, for his great achievement in reading. He has been having problems with his hearing and didn't get the best of starts at school because of this (this is quite a story within itself, I may elaborate further another time). But he has done so well this year and I was so proud of him getting this award, so I did promise him a 'special treat'.
My dad took the boys and I up to the pet shop this morning to choose our new pet. He is a gingery, browny colour and we love him already. The boys don't get to see their grandfather very much so this I think made it all extra special for them.


Francesca said...

Well done Alex! From what I've learned, I know he'll take good care of his pet (with some help from his mom, of course:))

Mary Beth said...

Welcome to your little hamster. And congratulations to your boy for his school success this year.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting the little guy when he is a little less shy :)