Thursday, 23 July 2009

teacher gifts

I wanted to tell you about the gifts we made for our teachers. The problem is that with all the rush that went with making six of these gifts, (we were up until late last Thursday night) together with all the other end of year activities that needed to be done or attended I completely forgot all about capturing their sweet goodness on camera.

We decided to make some Fruit Nut Balls from Molly Wizenberg's book A Homemade Life.
I wish I could show a picture of them because they were so gorgeous looking, sitting nestled in cute cup cases all round and plump with shiny chocolate 'hats' on them. (I may make some more and will be sure to show you them this time.) We then made from cardboard these small gift boxes to hold the little darlings in. I downloaded a template from here. We then decorated the boxes with tissue paper, and Alex had the wonderful idea of picking some fresh flowers from the garden to decorate too. The boxes managed to fit 7-8 balls in them.


Francesca said...

Did all the balls go into those sweet boxes, or was there a certain amount of necessary tasting:)?

Victoria said...

I haven't tried that recipe but must do it soon! Maybe I will leave it til winter time when there is not so much yumi veggie around to cook with :)