Monday, 20 July 2009

paper dolls

The school summer holidays are officially underway now, and although I look forward to spending more time with my boys, not have to walk to and from the schools six times daily and generally relax and enjoy the summer, the thought of seven weeks with two rambunctious boys with endless energy and a shoestring budget does feel a tad overwhelming. We are lucky in that the town we live in does provide lots of free or heavily subsidised activities for children over the holidays from our nature reserve to our local museum. Something that has kept us quite busy over the last few days was these Charlie & Lola paper dolls which you can download free here.

We also have plans to build a Charlie & Lola dollhouse from old boxes, that is if the paper dolls last that long!
We are also working on a Charlie & Lola activity book, again which can be downloaded free here.
I do not have a specific plans for the coming weeks, I try not to stick to a rigid plan to avoid unnecessary disappointments. We do hope to go to the seaside, the local museum, local art gallery, nature reserve, town park & farm, open air paddling pools and hopefully lots of picnics. I hope to not be away so long this time.

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Victoria said...

Just enjoy the time with your boys, summer goes by too fast and suddenly its winter again! Thanks for that download, I will have to remember those dolls when Matias grows up a little :-)