Saturday, 29 August 2009

30 days of happiness: Day 3 the beach

Happiness was finding our way at last to the seaside. This was the first time Adrien has seen the sea. It was a delight to sit back and watch him take it all in, from feeling the cold salty water on his toes to the gritty sand in his hands.

We took crab lines and fished for crabs, Alex was totally into this.

Playing with friends:

Drawing in the sand:

Taking in the views:

Making sandcastles with friends:

The boys loved the seaside so very much, feeling grateful that in a week or so we will be at the sea again.

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Francesca said...

I'm totally convinced that the sea and the beach are perfect for kids and adults alike: endless play, and endless enjoyment even on days when the sea is rough (is there anything more striking to watch than big waves?).
I just noticed your etsy shop in the sidebar: did I miss an announcement?! I'm going over to take a look.