Friday, 14 August 2009

punch & judy

This morning we were treated to a wonderful punch & judy show. You don't really get to see these anymore. The show was held in our local museum as part of a Victorian seaside theme.

I feel it is such a shame that these classic children's pastimes, that children for decades have loved and enjoyed are all but gone, over misguided fears of health & safety. I am so grateful that my children got to experience such a wonderful piece of history and entertainment; I doubt whether they will ever get the chance again.

The boys loved the show as much as I did. We got to meet the puppeteer afterwards, and she let the children play with the puppets and act in their own shows.

Alex loved this skeleton. It has an extendable neck that lengthens and twists like the old 'quack' doctor.

Adrien's favourite was Mr Punch.

We are so inspired by this that we plan to make our own puppets from maybe papier mache, and of course stage our own show.

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