Sunday, 23 August 2009

weekend thoughts

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions from my last post, I value your words so much.

This weekend:
Spent Friday with my Dad, the boys love to see their Grandfather; wish it could had been for longer.

Saturday - took some flowers to my mum's grave. Alex is always wanting to go there, I find it kind of hard, but it is getting easier. Found some brambles brimming with blackberries; picked two tubs full to take home. I am now left with scratches over my legs and arms and tiny thorns in my fingers. Oh the joys! I am planning on making some simple blackberry jelly with the fruit; this will be my first attempt at preserving so am a little nervous, but am going to try a simple recipe I found in this book.

Sunday: enjoying some simple pleasures, and thinking of next week:

Possibly meet up with my sister and go to local park for picnic.

Make blackberry jelly.

Go into town for new shoes for Adrien and school shirts for Alex.

Planning on going for a day trip to the beach on Thursday with friends.

Maybe start to strip the wallpaper in the dining room (as part of my' freshen-up' for the house.)

See you next week!



Hi Deen from Golden Sand, Malaysia. Wow..the blackberry look delicious. I believe that you're great chef. Ok..greeting from Malaysia.


likeschocolate said...

yummy yummy in my tummy.

Francesca said...

I hope you had fun making jam (not sure you can describe jam making as fun, actually, but it is fun when you eat it:)). I think it's very nice that Alex is feeling some bond with his grandmother, and wants to bring her flowers and remember her.
Isn't your vacation coming up soon?
PS I've been thinking about what you wrote in your comment on my blog, I'll be writing you an email.