Monday, 18 May 2009

nature fayre

I took the boys to a local nature fayre yesterday and we had a wonderful time. There was pottery, woodwork and crafts, and learning about bee-keeping, medieval games and charcoal making, to name but a few. The bat stall caught the boys attention. They learnt about the different species of bat, how to help conserve and encourage them with bat-friendly gardening. Coincidentally Alex has been learning about nocturnal animals at school at the moment, so this was a great way to support his learning. So now we have gone all bat crazy. But best of all was the tree-climbing, even little Adrien had a go, he was their youngest and most daring participant.

The gentleman in the above picture was carding wool and the lady spinning it into yarn.

I treated myself to this little ceramic garden from a pottery stall. They are unique designs by a lady called Roz Lowe. You can put a little essential oil, like lavender or lemongrass around the edge of the pot to give off a wonderful calming aroma. The plants inside grow and just need a little spray of water every so often to keep fresh. I think it will look fine on our nature table.


Francesca said...

Nice way to spend your Sunday Samantha, and a treat for yourself, good! Hmmm, bats ... I still remember the night I got one in my bedroom: perhpas I should have got my boys up to deal with it, I never thought of it:)!

Thimbleina said...

Looks like you all had a great time