Monday, 25 May 2009


It has been a very busy weekend for us. On Saturday the boys and I spent the day with friends of ours. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day, we picniced in the garden, went for long walks, picking wild flowers and ended up at the adventure playground. After walking back we ate pasta and ice cream al fresco. My friend Barbara is a talented artist and as we were leaving she gave me one of her paintings, of a bridge over a river to keep. It is my first piece of original art in my home and I really love it. Every time I look at the painting I see a new dimension to it.

The garden is yielding some beautiful flowers that I want to share inside the house as well.

Unfortunately, after so much play and relaxation from Saturday my To Do List is not getting any shorter. I have countless sewing projects that I need done, the house cleaning has been seriously neglected recently, the front hedge needs trimmed, the garden needs tending to, and of course the endless laundry, cooking and baking, not forgetting time to play and engage with children. Alex has been desperate for his room to be decorated since we moved into this house last August. The walls are covered in this hideous pink yellow stained wallpaper. So yesterday all other jobs aside we started to strip the wallpaper off, so we have at least made a start.

The children are off from school this week, so I dare say I wont even make a dent in that list, but at least we can have so fun.


Victoria said...

That painting is amazing! You need to frame it and put it on a wall. I'm sure everything on your to-do list can wait another week :)

Francesca said...

Good choice: I'd also have started with stripping that wallpaper off. But then you'll need to do the wallpapering ... I think your to do list is getting longer:)! I'm also the proud owner of a piece of original art, and I totally understand what you mean about seeing new dimensions to yours!