Tuesday, 5 May 2009

treasure boxes and pirates

I love these treasure chests which are supplied through Bookstart, which come free with children's books. My boys tend to keep their favourite artwork stored in them (although we quickly run out of room). They gave me an idea to make some smaller boxes ourselves, decorate them and use them for special 'treasures'.

We used an empty laundry detergent box, (which is conveniently shaped and opens up like a treasure chest) covered it in brown paper and drew lines to make it look like wood. Adrien decorated his with glitter, glitter and more glitter. Some coloured tissue paper rolled into balls as the 'gems', and some decorative drawings with markers.

Here is the finished box, together with full pirate costume. Of course we couldn't make treasure chests without playing pirates afterwards.

A little less scary here. Adrien let me have a sneak peek to see what's inside his new treasure box - a Spiderman, a marble and a half-eaten cookie.


Francesca said...

That is such nice fun for boys! I remember making pirate treasure boxes for my boys too (along with many, many treasure hunts). Gosh, it does feel like it was centuries ago, whereas it was just a few years back!

Thimbleina said...

We have had some good books through the Bookstart scheme and a useful cotton tote bag