Friday, 3 April 2009

Old Finds

My Dad came over yesterday and gave me these two old knitting books that were my mother's. They date back to the 40's and are full of wonderful old illustrations like below. I love the idea of following one of these old patterns, and making something my mother or even my grandmother would have made many years ago.

Tucked away between the pages of one of the books I found this old newspaper cutting. I have no idea of the significance of the story, it says... "The Duke of Edinburgh placed a wreath yesterday on the grave of 21 victims of New Zealand's Christmas Eve rail disaster. He flew from Hamilton to Wellington for the funeral. On the wreath's card was written 'From Elizabeth R. and the Duke of Edinburgh". As far as I know my family have no ties to New Zealand, but my mum must have kept the cutting for a reason. It sounds romantic to think that I could unravel a secret from the past, like in an old novel.

I found these old embroidery threads buried under a pile of junk at a thrift store yesterday all for £1. I was like a kid with a new toy. (I'm easily pleased.)

My gifts to my son's teachers all wrapped up and ready to give.
Have yourself a wonderful weekend.


cosycactus said...

What exciting findings! Both the embroidery threads, the paper cutting and the books. Maybe you could ask your dad or your moms sisters (if she has any) about the newspaper cutting? nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

*Wow* Great books!!! And what a great article to find. I love things like that...things that make us think. Great job with the gifting! :)

Monkey's Momma said...

How sweet of your dad to give you those old books. I LOVE old books. And I love thrifting (but I think you know that).