Tuesday, 28 April 2009

something new?

With the rain pouring down and the children safely tucked up in school, I thought it about time to resume some sewing projects. I have decided upon making a new bag.

I am thinking a subtle linen blend fabric for the exterior with a touch of embroidery, and a vibrant juicy yellow fabric (which was kindly sent to me from Michelle) for the inside lining. I am loving that at the moment, bright eye-catching fabric peeping through natural coloured linen. yummy.

This is a very basic sketch I have drawn of the design I want the bag to be. I always find it easier to have a rough outline [of what I have in my head] on paper to work with, helps to keep with the plan, so to speak.

Today I will be busy baking a birthday cake for Alex for tonight, and rushing into town for some last minute errands. We will be celebrating Alex's birthday tonight, just the four of our family together, with maybe some games too!


Francesca said...

Lovely spring embroidery and yellow tones for a rainy day! Make sure you show us the bag when you've finished it!

jane said...

Hi Samantha! Thanks for visiting. I´ll add your link to corner view. See you tomorrow! Cheers!-Jane