Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Special Moments

These are some special moments I have been having with Adrien this week. The simple special moments I would like to wrap up in pretty paper and box forever. Adrien seems to be growing up literally before my very eyes. He loves role-play. Above he is Dr Zay, ready with his 'tools'. We have also done a baby clinic, a grocery store, a cafe and a post office. I must remember to take some pictures for the next one, which I am not sure what it's going to be yet.

Lots of time spent at the playground on the 'flying saucer', and playing hopscotch.

Playing with the chalks. Here he is writing the letter A - that's as far as we have got so far with his name. Like many boys, Adrien much prefers the active, imaginative play, and is reluctant to sit down to draw or paint, so I am trying to think of ways to incorporate that into his style of play. He wasn't too keen on the chalks to start with, but I have been subtly persistent over the last few days, and he seems to be gradually taking more of an interest. Today we sat out in the back garden for a little while and as I was colouring away he decided to draw 'X's' all over the ground. That's progress.

Adrien loves to dress up. He has this old Spiderman costume that is now far too small for him, has holes in it (despite the fact I have tried to mend it countless times) and is basically ready for the bin. I think it's a bit like a smelly old security blanket. He cannot bear for me to even wash it. He used to have these huge tantrums when it was time to get pyjamas on or get ready for nursery, because he couldn't bear to take this costume off. I am so glad that phase is over with. At least now he willingly takes it off when necessary.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man...I'm afraid I'm headed in that direction...with princess attire!

Thanks for the compliments on the gifting...I think you'll be surprised at how easy it actually is!