Monday, 6 April 2009

There's A Whole Lot of Loving Going On

I have had much to be loving this weekend. There was a lot of baking and cooking going on too. These delicious cinnamon muffins were a big hit all around, I particularly liked the combination of the cinnamon and dark chocolate. Thank you Cosycactus for introducing these bad boys to our family.

My little garden continues to delight and surprise. Out of seemingly nowhere these beautiful daffodils made a surprise apperance. So I brought a couple indoors for us to enjoy, and then the next day this wonderful aroma filled my living room - yes it was the daffodils. I have no idea what type of daffodil they are; they have four flowers per stem with delicate creamy pale yellow petals with a bright orange or yellow centre. I cannot wait for what more surprises my garden has in store for me.

I baked some wholemeal bread, which always seems to cheer me up. I guess its that homey feeling it gives and the wonderful smell that fills the whole house. The world seems a perfect place when freshly homemade bread is around.

Just when I was about to give up on my grass, these tiny shoots appeared on Saturday morning. I never thought I would be so excited over humble grass. We have had a couple of little shoots appear from the pumpkin and tomato seeds the children and I planted. The problem is my garden has one big cheeky pest - Adrien my 3 year old son. He has this habit of turning the pots upside down, ripping the tiny shoots off and generally causing havoc. I guess this gardening thang is a learning curve for all of us, little ones included. I just have to stay patient. Isn't that one of the first lessons gardening teaches?


Anonymous said...

:) awe, Adrien! Last year, Maeve ripped the head off of ever. single. tulip in my backyard. Can't really blame her...they're tempting to grab. Snow is covering our grass these days...I cannot wait until my lilac bush, tulips and peonies arrive!!!

OK...your muffins and bread look delicious!!! I HAVE to overcome my fear and bake bread. I will. I will.

Anonymous said...

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Penny said...

Yum at Cinnamon & Chocolate muffins! And congrats on your grass, we're just heading in to Autumn here and my grass is looking so dismal already. Oh well.