Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Trip To Papa's

Yesterday we cycled over to my dads, so the children could see a little of their papa and their cousin.

I am feeling exhausted now, it just seems to have been non-stop this last week and I was hoping that today we could just stay at home and relax, recharge the batteries and maybe fit in some baking and even a new soup recipe a friend recently passed onto me. Then it dawned upon me this morning that I need to take Alex to a hospital appointment his afternoon. Oh well, at least we have the morning to relax.

I made fish pie yesterday from the recipe in the Apples for Jam book. I had to substitute the shrimp for salmon as I knew the boys would not eat that. It was very good, although I think I need to make a bigger pie next time, as it barely went around us all. I also made my personal seasonal favourite, rhubarb crumble. I so love rhubarb and I think this weekend I will just boil it and serve with honey, a recipe I saw recently on River Cottage and it looked divine.

A footnote to add here: yes Alex feels the need to show is Ben 10 watch in every photo I take of him.

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