Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fabric & Candle Goodies

I was very excited to receive some new fabrics in the mail today.

The gorgeous floral fabric on the left is from good-ness. It is fine corduroy and I plan to make my first bag with it. I still need to find a good lining fabric first before I begin. In the centre is evenweave natural linen and on the right is a vintage Laura Ashley Cowslip piece, which I am thinking of making a quilt with.

I have also been fortunate to win a sampler pack of five scented, hand-poured, 100% soy tea light candles from Homemade Candle Creations, through Monkey's Momma blog. I have never used tea light candles before, although I have always thought they sound so nice, so I cannot wait to try them out when I receive them.

Pop over to Melissa's wonderful candle store to see for yourself. Happy Wednesday to you!


Anonymous said...

I love the fabric. And hopefully you'll understand why I haven't gotten to the post office {don't know if you've ever heard how horrible the post office experience is in the US?}...I completely avoid it as best I can. Anyhow, I will get it to you soon.

I have been in search of beeswax candles...good ones. But I need candlestick holders first. :) Tealights are great...especially when you put them on mirrors...the reflection is beautiful!

Samantha S said...

I have never heard of putting the tealights on a mirror, I'll have to try that out.