Monday, 16 March 2009


I have been working out in the garden for the first time this year over the weekend. We only moved into this house late summer last year, and this is my first opportunity to start to do something with it. It is only a postage-stamp size back yard, but for us, who lived in an apartment for four years and yearned for a garden, it is everything. The previous occupant of this house was an elderly lady, so the garden was just concrete slabs for easy maintenance. I badly want to grow some vegetables and get the children involved in it all, so I was eager to make a start.

It's going to be a lot of hard work though! Have removed most of the removable concrete, so its left compacted earth that needs to be dug & turned. I have got through about half of the digging so far, which is more than I expected and I now have the back-ache to prove it!

I am not looking for a landscaped beautiful garden, just somewhere for the children to grow stuff, learn stuff, and somewhere pleasant to sit and play in the summer.

I had better get those wellies on!

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Anonymous said...

Look at you go!!! Starting from scratch...what an adventure! I can't wait to see how it turns out! We're planning on our first garden this year, too (after living in apartments for so long). But I don't have much of a green thumb, so maybe I can learn a thing or two.

OH...let me send you some of the bed sheet that I found! Maybe a new dress for Mrs. Rabbit? E-mail me your info: