Thursday, 19 March 2009

What's been on my mind?

I have been dabbling in a lot of small projects recently, which is fine, but I suddenly feel the need to get my teeth into a bigger and more challenging project. I am thinking a bag, maybe? (I haven't made one of those before) or maybe a quilt. I have this thing for yellow at the moment, it may have something to do with the fact that there is so much yellow around these parts right now.

I have also been having some wild thoughts about the garden. he he.... not that wild, mind you. I want some vibrant colour, possibly a mediteranian or South American feel.

Lots of large clay pots,

colourful tiles,

red check table cloth,

potted olive trees with creeping rosemary,

french lavender,


This is what you might call an inspiration board of the mind.

So many visions, so many notions and ideas. It's knowing what to do with it all.


cosycactus said...

I think you could get away with growing some tomatoes and maybe strawberries and raspberries too. There is nothing better than homegrown veggies for dinner :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, fresh!

And maybe you can make a yellow bag out of the fabric I am sending you...It'll go out in the mail over the weekend (hard to get to the post office with the kids)? Have you seen this new book:
I saw a cute bag from this book on this site:

It's Just Me said...

I love making bags - so easy and gratifying! Coming in from Julochkas bloggy place. Thanks for the peek around. So jealous of the flower pics. We are still under snow