Friday, 13 March 2009

Mrs Rabbit

Here is something I have been working on for some time now. The rabbit is made from Japanese cotton fabric with embroidered facial features and paws. It has been somewhat of a labour of love, and I have been tempted at many times to forget the whole thing and move onto another project, but now she is actually completed I am quite happy with her. She will be the first soft toy that I have designed and made myself, and I have learned a lot on this journey we made together.

I know the picture quality is not great, I am hoping to save up my pennies to get a new camera soon.

I am very excited to find out that I won the A Flower For You blog giveaway. This will be my very first giveaway win! Sarah makes such gorgeous handmade items. I will be sure to show them off when I receive them.

Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...


I love her!!! Way to go! I am signed up (through our park district) for sewing lessons beginning at the end of the month! My mom gave me a machine (nothing fancy) a few years ago, so I am SO excited to learn...I don't even know how to start the thing! Great job!!!

My dad likes to take pictures and has given me a couple of 35mm Nikons, which I really like. But I want a's so much easier! I'm not any good at actually taking picutre, but I love to do it. And I noticed that soulemama has a Nikon and her pics are gorgeous! So it must be an OK camera, right?

Thanks for the compliment on the hat...and the babe. He's such a good baby! I'm so loving your Mrs. Rabbit! Sorry to write a novel in this comment! Have a good one!

Ravenhill said...

what a little cute-pie! Great work!

I just got a new camera and am having a blast... I hope you are good at saving and can treat yourself soon!