Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Little Package of Happiness

What better way to make me happy? When yesterday on a cold, bleak, drizzly day a little brown package slips its way quietly through my letter box.

This is the lovely linen zip purse I recently purchased from the lovely and very talented Melissa at Tiny Happy. It's made from gorgeous yellow linen and Finnish lace.

The lining is Liberty lawn fabric. How beautiful. I think I will use my new little treasure to keep some of my jewellery in.
Happiness in a little brown package.


cosycactus said...

I love Melissa's work too. Have bough oh-so-many things from her! :)

Anonymous said...

*lovely* i will have to check her out...thanks for sharing!

julochka said...

i love melissa's work too. and i got a wonderful package in the mail today from resurrection fern, so i know this happiness of which you speak. :-) with all the electronic communication we have these days, it's still so nice to get real letters and packages in the mail.