Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pink Brooches

Have been making, selling and buying these cute felt brooches on behalf of my son's Nursery, to raise money for the Epping Breast Cancer Unit. I was very humbled to read the two women's stories (from the link), who happen to be teachers at the school my son attends. I had no idea these women had been through so much!
I have been hearing many sad stories lately; I have always been a person who is grateful for what she has, but I am even more so now. I do not dream of expensive items and material gains, I am happy in my humble little house and grateful for my and my children's' every living moment.
I even had a rare treat yesterday. I splurged at the hair salon! I got about 4" cut of the length of my hair and had some highlights put through. I feel like a new woman now.


Sarah Pead said...

Hello friend! Just wanted to let you know that you have won my fun 100th Post Celebration Give-away. Be sure to email me ( your contact info so I can send it to ya!

Artfulife said...


michelle said...

I love the flower pin!!! I totally hear you regarding being appreciative. I feel like you summed up every bit of how I feel about life lately as I have been hearing/dealing with quite a bit of bad news lately. It's nice to know I'm not the only one is completely comfortable in her cozy (little!) house & is completely pampered when it means I can go get my hair cut! :) I love your blog!