Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A Trip To The Library

A trip to the library calls for all manner of things to be bought along. Back-packs filled with toys, markers, food and paper. Is there any room left for the books?

Adrien carries his 'Archie'. A birthday present I made for him last December from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern. I really wanted to make him a cloth 'boy' doll, but was unsure whether he would go for it. Well since his birthday we got off to a very slow start. After the initial novelty of a new present wore off, Archie was thrown to the back of toy beyond. Well I gradually persisted and now they are the best of friends! He takes him to bed, on shopping trips and to Nursery School. I don't know now how we ever did without him.


cosycactus said...

You have two beautiful boys!I hope I get some time to learn to sew soon, I would love to make my babe a cloth doll too. For now I'm just focused on knitting!

michelle said...

Your boys are adorable...look at that smile! Love the doll, of course. My friend made her kids similar dolls for Christmas last year. I think one of the first things I learn to make is the pajama bag from Amanda Soule's book...have you seen it?