Monday, 30 March 2009

Orange Blossoms

I have been wanting to make these Orange Blossom Cookies ever since I saw Leslie's here.

I liked them a lot. In fact I loved them, so did all the family - the entire batch was gone in a day.

I didn't think my Orange Blossom Cookies were too bitter, but they did spread quite a bit in the oven, maybe next time I will need to add a little extra flour.

Talking of orange blossom, aren't these beautiful? Looking at this picture makes me want to go paint - maybe I will.....or embroider?

My weekend was rather quiet. The weather here seems to have gone back to winter, so I didn't spend much time gardening. I have not much to report on the garden front. I see no sign of any grass shoots from the seed I planted last week. I thought it took about a week for grass seed to germinate, but I am not sure.

The clocks went forward this weekend, which I had no idea was happening. The boys and I turned up at our church Sunday morning an hour late - I had no clue up until then. It was rather embarrassing, I have never forgotten anything like that before, my excuse is that I have quite a lot on my mind at the moment - or maybe I am just getting old!


cosycactus said...

I must give these a try soon, they look good. You should do some embroidery, yes. I am new to embroidery (although I have crosstitched all my life) but are looking forward to start someday soon since I got a beginners book in the post last week!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I have been so inspired by you and cosycactus lately. Thank you so much! I feel lucky to have crossed paths with you. I love your pictures of flowers...I can see how they inspire you...they lift me just looking at them.

I start sewing lessons on Thursday! I can't wait...I will let you know how it goes. I can't wait to learn how & to learn to embroider as well {I saw a beginners kit I'd like to get}.

The 29 gifts is great so far! I think you'll really like mine tomorrow {wink}.

Samantha S said...

Thank you both for your kind words. I too feel so lucky to have crossed paths with you both. Your blogs inspire me so much. Good luck with the sewing, personally I find it very relaxing and therapeutic. Hope you enjoy!